International Day of Boy Child

International Day of the Boy Child or also called the World Day Of The Boy Child is a fairly recent observance which began two years ago in 2018. International Day of the Boy Child Date is May 16 every year.

International Boy Child Day

As the name suggests, this day is about protecting the boys from harmful societal influences. Similar to “Save the Girl Child” this day focuses on “Save The Boy Child” from the vulnerable and negative influences in the society. This day was started by International Men’s Day Founder Jerome Teelucksingh, Ph.D, who is also a prolific author and Gender Issues Thought Leader. This day is important celebration that draws attention to misguided boys’ transition into manhood and how it can get difficult if not paid attention to. It states that gender equality won’t be achieved if boys remain neglected.

So every year, May 16 is dedicated to celebrating International Day of the Boy Child or the International Boys’ Day.

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