Self-Peer Support Group (Family life and wellbeing)

Family life and wellbeing covers both physical and psychological well-being as well as the quality of relationships between parents and the quality of parent-child relationships. Physical and psychological well-being of these young fathers is shaped primarily by personality characteristics, family problems and socio-economic environment. This will be done through a series of focused peer group discussions. The young fathers openly discuss some of the challenges they undergo in meeting their daily family needs in terms of social-economic needs. The discussion is structured in a manner that motivates the young fathers through experiences shared by their colleagues.

Skills development and entrepreneurship

Young father’s plans to establish workshop designed to boost income generation capacity for potential young fathers through enhancing their entrepreneurial skills. The workshop output will enhance young father’s entrepreneurial skills to enhance young father’s ability toprovide an additional and reliable income for their households. The program will be implemented through a series of activities designed to explore issues affecting the beneficiaries and through an interactive skills development model enabling them to be entrepreneurs.

Stakeholders Engagement Plan

The aim of this engagement plan is to outline the processes that will be used to identify the people, groups and organizations that could affect or be affected by Young Fathers operations, to analyze their expectations and their impact on Young Fathers, and to develop appropriate strategies and tactics for effectively engaging with them in a manner appropriate to the stakeholders’ interest and involvement in the Young father’s project. The Stakeholder Plan aims to helps ensure that stakeholders are effectively involved in project decisions and execution throughout the lifecycle of the project, to gain support for Young Fathers and anticipate resistance, conflict, or competing objectives among Young Fathers stakeholders.